These are one of the most popular Spanish and Latin American pieces, that were played the most by Peter during his concerts in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Latin America, USA and Canada.

Performance in these pieces portrays the guitar as a virtuoso and multi-timbral instrument.

In Gran Jota by F. Tarrega the guitar imitates a symphony orchestra. Violin, Cello, Flute, Bassoon, Castanets, Small Drums, Tambourine and others are heard throughout the performance. This piece was redacted by Peter.

Adios Granada (D. Shostakovich), Torreador Y Andaluza (A. Rubenstein), Castillo “Torija” (F. Torroba), Rumores De La Caleta (I. Albeniz), Mi Favorita (D. Fortea) and Fantasia Sobre El Tema “Romance” (P. Polujin) were arranged by Peter Polujin.

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